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Security Center

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Hebron Savings Bank understands that the security of your personal and account information is important to you

We also understand that our continued success as a financial institution relies on both our ability to offer banking services to you in a secure manner as well as your responsibility in keeping any access codes, passwords or PINs secure. To assist us in offering these Web-based banking services in a secure manner, we employ a number of measures, which are described below. These measures allow us, among other benefits, to properly authenticate your identity when you access these services and protect your information as it traverses the Internet between your PC or mobile device and Hebron Savings Bank.

Online Banking ID and Password

Every user must privately maintain a combination of an online banking ID and password. If you are assigned an original password by a bank administrator, the online banking system will force you to change it when you log in for the first time, before any transactions can be requested.  This forces each user to establish an absolutely private password.  If the password is lost or forgotten, please call our Bookkeeping Department at (410)749-1185, and a bank administrator will reset your password for you once your identity has been confirmed.  You can also click on the "Forgot Password" link, and an email to reset your password will be sent to you.  In order to use this feature, however, you must have previously set up your email address and password reset question under the "Options", then "Personal" tab of online banking.

Password Lock-Out

If an unauthorized person attempts entry into an end user’s account by trying to guess a password, the system will disable the online account on the third incorrect attempt, thus invalidating the log-in combination. If you accidentally activate this security feature by unintentionally miskeying a password three times, you will need to call the Bank to reset the password for your account. A common mistake made by the end user is having the caps-lock on while keying in a password.  You can also use the "Forgot Password" link to reset your password if you have previously set up that feature under the "Options", then "Personal" tab of online banking.

Automatic Log-off

To further protect you, a timeout feature is used. This feature will automatically log you out of your current online session after a 10-minute period on our site.


To enhance your online safety, you will be asked to select a watermark when you first log in.  In the future, if you do not recognize that watermark, DO NOT enter your password.  Try re-entering your online banking ID.  If your watermark is still incorrect, call our Bookkeeping Department at (410)749-1185.

Browser Security

The Bank also requires the use of secure browsers to protect you while you access our online banking services. More specifically, the personal and account information that flows back and forth between your PC and the Bank must be encrypted while in transit – secure browsers are how we achieve this level of protection. Encryption is the process of scrambling information (typically for data transmission) so that it can only be reassembled in its original clear text format by someone who has the correct encryption key to do so. When used between you and the Bank, this technology encrypts your personal information as you send it to us, which only Hebron Savings Bank can decrypt. Likewise, when we send personal or account information to you, this technology encrypts it, which only you can decrypt. This is possible through a certified 128 bit secure server by VeriSign so that no unauthorized individuals can read or decipher the data.

Server Firewall

It is isolated from the network via "firewall". All requests to the server are filtered through a router and firewall before they are permitted access to the server. A router is a piece of hardware that works in conjunction with the firewall, a piece of software, to block and direct traffic coming to the server. The router and software "firewall" define and limit access that "outside" computers have to the Bank’s server. The configuration begins by disallowing ALL traffic and then opens only when necessary to process acceptable data requests, such as sending customer requests to the Bank.

How You Can Protect Your Internet Security

While Hebron Savings Bank works to protect your banking privacy, you also play an important role in protecting your accounts. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your Hebron Savings Bank account information is protected, including:

  • Keep your online banking and password to yourself.
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Remain at your computer until your online banking transactions are completed and log out when you are finished.
  • Log out of online banking prior to visiting other Internet sites.
  • Lock your PC or mobile device with a password.  This is your first line of defense against intruders.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi's when accessing your online banking account or other sensitive data.
  • If you notice suspicious or unusual activity on your online banking accounts, call our Bookkeeping Department during regular business hours at (410)749-1185.

Special Alerts

Beware of Phishing

Never respond to unsolicited requests for your Social Security Number, bank account, credit card number, or other financial data. If you did not initiate the communication, you should never provide any information. Follow this practice even if you receive an e-mail, letter, or phone call from someone claiming to be from your bank.  Do not rely on your phone's caller ID display. Technology exists which allows callers to alter this information.

Telephone Calls Claiming to be from the IRS

The IRS and Treasury inspectors have issued warnings about a nationwide phone scam targeting taxpayers. Callers claim to be IRS employees and even alter the caller ID readout to make it look as if the IRS is really calling. Victims are being told they owe taxes and must pay quickly or they will lose their driver's license, be arrested or deported. The IRS NEVER makes unsolicited calls to people to tell them they owe more taxes or are due refunds. If you get one of these calls, DO NOT give them any information! Hang up immediately and file a consumer complaint at noting "IRS Telephone Scam".

Fraudulent Debit Card Phone Calls

There is a potential phishing scam targeting debit card holders. An automated telephone message is being delivered to area residents stating that their debit card has been temporarily disabled, deactivated, or expired. THIS MESSAGE IS FRAUDULENT! Hebron Savings Bank would never solicit debit card information through an automated telephone message.

Please consider any attempt to request personal or financial information from you by telephone, text message, email, or websites to be fraudulent unless initiated by you.
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