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Career Opportunities

Hebron Savings Bank currently employs over 140 employees in the Delmarva area.

We always seek conscientious, highly motivated sales- and service-oriented people to join our team. As an equal opportunity employer, we have a wide variety of opportunities to explore. Generous full-time employee benefits include medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance coverage, flexible paid time off (PTO), and a 401(k) retirement plan.

The Bank strives to show its appreciation to its employees and their families. Several of our employees have been here for many years, some more than forty years – a remarkable testimony to this day. We are a family of employees serving our friends and business associates with a hometown touch. In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, we provide pleasant working conditions and continue to provide training and opportunities to allow our employees to grow in their careers.

You may mail your resume to:
Human Resources Department
Hebron Savings Bank
P. O. Box 59
Hebron, MD 21830

Resumes can also be emailed it to Human Resources at or faxed  to 410-749-1404. 

Hebron Savings Bank Pillar Blueprint

The HSB Blueprint is our guiding principle for how we interact with each other, our customers, and our communities. We are proud of our core values and work hard every day to live them to the fullest.

Pillar #1 - Caring

 Caring - We are here because we care!  We will show appreciation, be friendly and fun in all interactions, show grace to others, and be helpful and involved.

Pillar #2 - Character

Character - It's who we are!  We will always be honest and inclusive to all, show integrity with all we do, be professional and reliable, and be proud of our work and Bank. 

Pillar #3 - Collaboration

Collaboration - It's how things happen!  We will show cooperation internally and externally, utilize cross-functional teams, be flexible, always show respect for others, focus on solutions, and embrace teamwork.

Pillar #4 - Commitment

Commitment - To each other and our community!  We will accept and demand accountability, always be customer-centric in our actions, value diversity, be committed to independence, build and maintain relationships, and foster trust.

Pillar #5 - Communication

Communication - It's everyone's responsibility!  We will provide frequent and valuable feedback, always being kind, open, and proactive while understanding communication is a two-way street.

Pillar #6 - Community 

Community - It's who we serve!  We are dedicated to our "hometown" and do our part to ensure equality among all.  Giving is part of who we are as a secure, long-standing community partner.

Pillar #7 - Competence

Competence - What we know helps us grow!  We will invest in our employees through development and experience to encourage their growth and knowledge.  We know that employee engagement leads to outstanding customer service!

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Home Loans

If you're ready, we're ready! We have everything you need for your new home.