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Personal Debit Cards

Are you looking for easy access to your funds without the inconvenience of writing a check?

Swipe your card anywhere Visa is accepted! Visa debit card processing provides real-time transaction posting. Your account information is usually updated instantly when you use your VISA debit card for withdrawals or purchases. You can change your PIN on your card at any of our ATMs or call our automated 24-hour Telephone Banking.

Instant Issue

Are you afraid to make the switch because you have to wait for your new debit card? We have you covered! Instant Issue debit cards are available at all 13 of our locations, and you can choose from 10 designs to fit your wallet. 

Daily Limits

  • $2000 POS (Point of Sale) Limit per day. 
  • $500 ATM withdrawal limit per day. 

Card Management Options

You can now activate or deactivate (report as lost/stolen) your VISA debit card by calling one of our automated telephone lines or by logging on to your Online Banking account. You can reorder your card by calling one of our automated telephone lines. You can also "temporarily suspend"  or "lock" your card by logging on to your Online/Mobile Banking account. For more information on how to manage your card, please click here.

Digital Wallet

Enjoy all the benefits of your Hebron Savings Bank Visa Debit Card using Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Pay on the go using your Digital Wallet, which is compatible with your phone and watch.

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Digital Wallet provides the option for quick, secure transactions with a contactless checkout.  

Travel Exclusions

Protecting you from fraud is our top priority.  Setting a travel exclusion is easier than ever through Online Banking or our Mobile Banking app. For instructions on how to set a travel exclusion through digital banking options, please click here. You can also call our Customer Care Center to set the exclusion at 410-749-1185.

Dispute Process

Fraud does not always happen on a convenient schedule. If you believe there are unauthorized transactions on your account, please report them as soon as possible. Click here for resources on how to report fraud and begin the dispute process in Online Banking. You can also call our Customer Care Center to set the exclusion at 410-749-1185.

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Personal Banking

All your essentials for daily spending and bill payments, in one place!